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Washington City Taking Action Against Landfill Birds

Washington City Taking Action Against Landfill Birds

The Horn Rapids Landfill in Richland, Wash., has been besieged by birds and now the city is looking to take action.

City officials worried about the health risk the birds may pose to the community. To deal with the animals, the plan is to use “scare devices” to shoo the birds away. The devices set off flash-bangs that should scare the birds away. has the report.

The city of Richland had the number of birds swarming the area counted during a one day span. They found over a thousand birds.

Richland's Public Waste Manager Jay Marlow says there's no denying it's a nuisance, but he's worried about a much greater threat this bird population is posing.

"Birds, mice, rats and other things that are attracted to solid waste could be carriers of disease that's why the department of health is involved," said Marlow.

Read the full story here.

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