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Updated: Republic Loses Appeal and Must Build Cooling Lines at Westlake Landfill

Update: This story has been updated with additional information, including quotes from Republic.

The situation at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., continues to unfold.

In the latest update, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced that Bridgeton Landfill owner Republic Services lostRepublic Services lost an appeal of a state order to install a heat extraction barrier in the neck of the landfill.

CBS St. Louis has the report:

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources had ordered Republic Services in December of 2015 to start building the heat extraction system right away, but Republic appealed the order before the Administrative Hearing Commission.

After the ruling, Attorney General Chris Koster issued a statement saying: “The people of Bridgeton are fed up with Republic Services delays… it should begin the installation of the cooling loops immediately.”

Republic Services, in a statement, said it has been working the Environmental Protection Agency to figure out where and when to install the barrier. The appeal, it said, was about the installation of cooling lines and the judge dismissed the case because it wasn't his jurisdiction.

Republic's Russ Knocke also provided this statement to KSDK:

"As the AG’s office knows, we have been working diligently over the past weeks with EPA, MDNR, and the AG’s office on a comprehensive solution for continuing to ensure the separation of the subsurface reaction in the South Quarry and the West Lake Landfill site, including the installation of cooling loops. The AG’s office also knows that the cooling loops may ultimately fall under the jurisdiction of EPA, not MDNR. There has never been any question about the Landfill’s willingness to install additional cooling loops. Nor, has there been any question about their effectiveness – the subsurface reaction is isolated to the South Quarry and the Landfill remains in a managed state.The statement from the AG’s office appears, unfortunately, to be more about litigation posturing than about moving swiftly to an effective solution."
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