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OMI Industries and Byers Scientific & Manufacturing Announce Distribution Partnership

The environmentally friendly Ecosorb formulation technology eliminates odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals.

OMI Industries, a provider of natural odor abatement solutions, has formed a distribution partnership with Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, a designer, engineer and manufacturer of equipment for the industrial odor management industry.

Through the agreement, OMI Industries formulated a special version of Ecosorb for Byers Scientific & Manufacturing equipment and applications. Byers Scientific & Manufacturing will be integrating this customized Ecosorb solutions into its Waterless Vapor-Phase System for the solid waste industry.

“Byers Scientific & Manufacturing is on the forefront of odor control in the solid waste arena,” Brian McLaughlin, director of industrial sales and marketing, OMI Industries, said in a statement. “This partnership will bring together top vapor phase equipment with a solution that is safe for employees and neighboring residences and businesses.”

Byers Scientific & Manufacturing’s Waterless Vapor-Phase System improves on existing odor control methods that leverage vapor technology, which is ideal for landfill perimeters, windrow composting sites, leachate treatment tanks, holding lagoons, biosolids drying beds, pressing rooms and animal confinement areas.

The environmentally friendly Ecosorb formulation technology eliminates odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances. Ecosorb seeks out and destroys organic and inorganic odors on a molecular level.

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