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Sean Michael Jennings

Waste is a Family Affair

Episode 17: A conversation with Sean Jennings, president of Waste Pro.
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In the latest episode of our NothingWasted! Podcast, we chat with Sean Jennings, president of Waste Pro. The company was founded on the idea of transforming the waste and recycling industry into a values-driven service.

We spoke with him about creating a safety-first culture, addressing labor challenges and more.

Waste360: The driver shortage is a big challenge these days. You’ve been credited with building a great recruitment and training program for drivers. Can you tell us more about it?

Sean Jennings: It’s about creating a supportive environment. What we care about is, “are you good at your job?” In other words, we need to create an environment where all different sorts of people want to be. We have a supervisor training program, which is very important to building and sustaining the culture. Our driver training centers are for both new hires and people who need retraining; and it’s not a sure thing that you’ll become a driver even if you go through the program. It’s pass-fail, and we take that really seriously.

Waste360: Are there any other unique aspects of your company or culture that you could share?

Sean Jennings: One of our favorite programs is called the Co-Heart Program. When I got my CDL [commercial driver’s license], our instructor was the most captivating, enthusiastic person I had maybe ever met. We were talking with him, and he was looking to do more with his knowledge and enthusiasm. So, he came to work with us and has created a position where he mentors and coaches and helps our helpers get their CDLs. People can come in with no credentials—just a willingness to try to better themselves. And Robert can help them do that.

Waste360: How has technology changed or improved your business?

Sean Jennings: I think we can expect technology to continue to assist the industry and also answer some of our safety needs. There also will be more and more tech to assist our wide range of systems from routing to digital marketing. 

Listen to the full interview with Jennings here. Read transcript here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear his insights on materials recovery facilities, family business, what it’s like to be a millennial in this industry and more.

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