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Data, IoT and the War on Contamination

Episode 3: A conversation with Jason Gates of Compology.
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For the third episode of our NothingWasted! Podcast, listen as we chat with Jason Gates of Compology, a company he founded with the mission of bringing efficiency to waste and recycling services through accurate, timely dumpster data collection. We recently spoke with him about contamination tracking, customer education, scalability and more.

Here’s a sneak peek of our conversation:

Waste360: You credit a lot of Compology’s early success with being very customer focused. Can you discuss this a bit?

Jason Gates: It really is a cultural mindset shift within a company to operate that way. What we have always aimed to do is be able to ask the right questions of customers, put their feedback in context and synthesize that with our own version of where the industry is, or should be, headed.

Waste360: Can you talk about how customer feedback has had a direct impact on your products?

Jason Gates: One new product that we’re really excited about is called CScore, which is able to actually count the individual pieces of contamination inside a recycling container, and it’s able to report back to a customer for any needed follow-up action. CScore was born directly from customers saying, “Could you use the images from your cameras to do this?”

Waste360: You’ve been on the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industry. Is your goal still to equip all 9 million dumpsters in the U.S. with your sensors?

Jason Gates: Absolutely, and I believe now more than ever the economics of making that feasible are coming to fruition. The cost of implementing IoT technologies has continued to come down, and the reliability of the technologies continues to improve. 

Listen to the full interview with Jason here. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear his smart insights on industrial IoT, smart trucks, global inspiration and more!

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