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Advice Mashup: Top Tips from 2019

Episode 36: A mashup of advice from some of our top guests over the past few months.
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In the latest episode of our NothingWasted! Podcast, we’ve compiled a mashup that brings you a wealth of advice from some of our top guests over the past months. You’ll hear sage words and lessons learned from these brilliant minds and savvy leaders, as well as what they think is next on the horizon. It’s great listening for industry newcomers and old pros alike.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Jason Gates, co-founder and CEO of Compology: It is important to remember that our industry has not gotten to where we are today by mistake. There are many experienced individuals and companies who have tremendous perspective to offer. And it's really about marrying the understanding of new technology and new applications with that historical experience.

Kevin Atkinson, owner of Texas Pride Disposal: I think unlike a lot of industries, your competitor could be somebody that you go head-to-head against in a meeting and then that afternoon, you go out, have a beer, talk about how things are going, have a laugh, shake hands and go home.

Susan Robinson, federal public affairs director at Waste Management: Come in with a mind that’s open to thinking about things really differently. Don’t get too ingrained in those age-old paradigms that we’ve had. Come in and challenge us folks with gray hair. Challenge us to do things differently and to think beyond recycling and think to the environment.

Listen to the full episode below and more episodes here. Don’t miss these 25 quick minutes of priceless knowledge.

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