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Waste Pro Faces 30-Day Ultimatum to Rectify Resident Complaints

The hauler has 30 days to resolve numerous resident complaints in Henderson County.

Waste Pro USA, the Longwood, Fla.-based trash hauler, is under fire for multiple complaints of failing to collect residential trash in Henderson County, N.C. The company also confirmed in an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat that it is cooperating with a federal investigation into public corruption in the Tallahassee City Commissioner’s office.

The Henderson County Board has informed Waste Pro that if changes are not made within 30 days to rectify these complaints, then the hauler’s permit to collect residential trash will be revoked.

The Blue Ridge Times-News has more information:

Waste Pro is one of 14 permitted residential waste haulers in the county allowed to take trash and recycling to the Transfer Station. If Waste Pro does not remedy the situation in 30 days, the county can legally revoke its permit.

County Engineer Marcus Jones briefed commissioners during their meeting Monday about the numerous complaints they have received from residents about Waste Pro.

The company has been struggling after the recent purchase of Republic’s routes serving 8,000 residences in Henderson and Transylvania counties. Waste Pro previously managed 800.

Board Chairman Mike Edney was among them. Since the switch, Edney said he’s had to call Waste Pro three or four weeks in a row. Only once, he said, did Waste Pro come within the next 24 hours to pick it up, but left the rest of the neighborhood’s garbage to continue stacking up.

Read the full story here.

Correction: February 08, 2018
A previous version of this article made it seem as if Waste Pro itself was under federal investigation, which is not the case. Waste360 apologizes for the confusion.
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