WM Subsidiary to Sell Mail-Back Sharps Products in Calif.

WM Healthcare Solutions, a subsidiary of Waste Management, has received approval from the California Department of Public Health to sell mail-back sharps products in the state. Since September 2008, it has been illegal for California households to place sharps in the trash.

“Every day, millions of people across the country self-inject their medications. But they don't always dispose of used sharps, syringes and lancets properly, and they may end up in the environment where they can put others at risk of injury or infection,” said Ron Pierce, president of WM Healthcare Solutions, in a press release. “Waste Management is enthusiastic to provide this service to its communities throughout California, and we have already had groundbreaking participation in the cities that have piloted the project since its approval by the Department of Public Health.”

For more information on the mail-back sharps product line, visit www.thinkgreenfromhome.com.