Washington State Extends Herbicide Ban

Olympia, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has announced that it will continue its current ban on using herbicides containing clopyralid on residential and commercial lawns and turf, effective June 28. Clopyralid residues have been found in lawn clippings recycled at compost facilities and cause damage to certain plants and vegetables grown in or around such compost.

The ban on lawn and turf uses of clopyralid, initially put into effect March 1, is designed to limit grass clippings with clopyralid residues from entering compost facilities that provide product to the public. The herbicide still may be used on golf courses if no grass clippings, leaves or other vegetation are removed from the site and sent to composting facilities.

State officials intend to monitor compost at public facilities for traces of clopyralid to gauge the effectiveness of the new restrictions. Officials also are considering the possibility of increasing Clopyralid restrictions from other crop use.