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Trucking Survey Shows Technology Underused

Article-Trucking Survey Shows Technology Underused

Atlanta -- The Logistics Institute (TLI) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has released results of a recent survey of trucking companies operating private and dedicated truck fleets. The Transportation and Logistics Survey focused on transportation costs, how companies operate their fleets and transportation planning methods.

The majority of trucking companies, both large and small, manually plan routing and loading and show limited use of newly available technologies, the study says. Sixty-five percent of the survey's respondents indicated that with better planning, they could save their organization between 6 percent and 30 percent in transportation costs.

About 68.5 percent considered software the "ideal method" for truck transportation planning. Additionally, customer service and route efficiency/cost savings were the two most important factors regarding transportation planning. The top three constraints respondents said could impede a transportating planning program were complexity of environment (33 percent), organizational culture (29 percent) and overhead cost (24 percent).

To read the complete survey, visit www.tli.gatech.edu/resource/transsurvey.