Transfer Station and Recycling Center Builders to Raise Funds Through Municipal Bond Financing

Grosvenor-Dale, Conn -- George K. Baum and Co., a Kansas City, Mo.-based investment banking firm, has agreed to assist Tri-State Transfer Industries in issuing up to $20 million in taxable or nontaxable debt securities to finance a municipal solid waste and construction and demolition (C&D) waste transfer station and processing and recycling facility. Tri-State is a development company in the business of owning and operating transfer stations and recycling facilities. The facility Tri-State is seeking help in raising these tax-free or taxable municipal bonds for is the company’s first and will be located in Grosvenor-Dale, Conn. Arete Industries, Niwot, Colo., a business development company, has signed a letter of intent to buy 5 percent non-managing membership interest in Tri-State.