SWANA Issues Solid Waste Guidelines for Anthrax Exposure

Silver Spring, Md. -- In response to numerous requests for more information from its members, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has issued guidelines on precautions solid waste employees should take when handling wastes potentially contaminated with anthrax.

Federal and environmental authorities have not yet issued guidance to the solid waste industry for steps that should be taken to avoid exposure, so SWANA consulted with federal officials and industry representatives and came up with several guidelines to assure safety.

The primary concern, according to SWANA, is in solid waste facilities receiving wastes from anthrax-related targets, but those without the threat still should be cautious. In facilities, exposure would be the highest in high-dust areas such as materials recovery facilities (MRFs), waste tipping floors and discharge locations at landfills.

To read SWANA's guidelines, visit www.swana.org and click on "Hot Topics."