Seattle Struggles to Reach Lofty Recycling Goal

Seattle – The city’s goal to recycle 60 percent of its garbage by 2008 currently is stalled at the 40 percent mark. City officials may reconstruct the plan, altering its final goal or the program’s duration in order to accommodate the city with a more reasonable recycling conclusion. Some considerations include making an extra run to pick up food scraps, which make up about 20 percent of total waste, or giving businesses free curbside recycling.

Already, Seattle is ahead of the 30 percent national recycling average. Waste Management Inc. (WMI), Houston, provides garbage collection, recycling and yard waste services to the north half of the city, and U.S. Disposal, a subsidiary of Allied Waste, Scottsdale, Ariz., handles the south side. Recycling is free to residents.