Santa Fe, N.M. - Solid Waste Management Agency Executive Director

POSITION TITLE: Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency Executive Director
DEPARTMENT: Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
SALARY RANGE: $29.74- $47.59
PERIOD TO APPLY: 10/09/03-11/30/03
WORK LOCATION: Caja Del Rio Landfill


Purpose: To direct the administration and daily operations of the Caja Del Rio Landfill, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards of safety; to coordinate activities as directed by the Joint Powers Board; and to perform other administrative and supervisory work as required. This position researches and formulates long range goals for the organization, develops policy, and negotiates with chief administrative officers and/or elected officials. Job Duties and Responsibilities: (The tasks below are those that represent the majority of the time spent working in this position. The Agency’s Joint Powers Board may assign additional tasks related to the type of work of the position as necessary.)

1. Directs the administration and daily operations of the facility, ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, Agency policies and procedures, and standards of quality and safety.
2. Supervises subordinate managerial, supervisory and support staff; supervisory duties include instructing; assigning, reviewing and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; selecting new employees; acting on employee problems; approving employee employment, discipline, transfers, promotions, and discharge.
3. Reviews the work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy; evaluates and makes recommendations as appropriate; offers advice and assistance as needed.
4. Provides for adequate training and development opportunities for Agency staff.
5. Develops and implements Agency policies and procedures, goals and objectives.
6. Develops, presents and administers the annual budget; forecasts Agency earnings; recommends and approves the transfer of funds as needed.
7. Recommends and oversees capital improvement projects.
8. Oversees the development and maintenance of a records management system to help ensure compliance with all regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.
9. Ensures required administrative reports are submitted to the Agency’s Joint Powers Board.
10. Oversees and provides input in the preparation of the Joint Powers Board meeting packets and presentations, and attends and conducts Board meetings.
11. Administers human resources functions, including the implementation of policies and procedures, resolutions of personnel issues, and coordination of human resources projects.
12. Prepares employee safety meeting presentations.
13. Plans, organizes and completes various projects involving research and analysis; performs landfill volume calculations, air space of landfill life projections, compaction studies and analysis.
14. Evaluates compaction and fill practices for effectiveness and efficiency.
15. Oversees cell construction; performs surveying; assists in design and development and evaluation work in the field.
16. Oversees and determines priorities for the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment; projects equipment purchase and replacement needs.
17. Submits permit modifications, amendments, written and oral communications to local, state and federal environmental protection agencies as requires.
18. Coordinates Agency activities and functions with those of other divisions, departments and outside agencies as appropriate.
19. Receives and responds to inquiries, concerns, complaints and requests for assistance regarding areas of responsibility.
20. Performs general administrative / clerical work as required, including but not limited to preparing reports and correspondence, copying and filing documents, entering and retrieving computer data, answering the telephone, etc.
21. Attends training, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc., as required to enhance job knowledge and skills.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Education/Experience: Requires a Bachelor’s degree in business, environmental engineering or a closely related field. Experience may be substituted for education. Requires over six year’s experience in Landfill operations. Certification/Licensure/Registrations Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s License. Requires New Mexico Landfill Operator Certification or must be obtained within six (6) months of hire.

Special Requirements: Must have a telephone in the residence or be available by an equally effective means of communication.

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Requires doing professional-level work requiring the application of scientific, engineering, accounting or legal methods in the solution of technical, administrative or legal problems; requires extensive understanding of operating policies and procedures and ability to apply these to complex problems; or the coordination of sub professional work in these disciplines. Requires reading professional literature and technical manuals; speaking to groups of employees, other public and private groups; writing manuals and complex reports.

WORKING CONDITIONS Requires light-to-medium work that involves walking or standing much of the time and also involves exerting between 20-50 pounds of force on a recurring basis, or considerable skill, adeptness and speed in the use of fingers, hands or limbs in tasks involving close tolerances or limits of accuracy. Exposure to bright/dim light, dusts and pollen, extreme heat and/or cold, wet or humid conditions, extreme noise levels, vibration, fumes and/or noxious odors, traffic, moving machinery, electrical shock, disease/pathogens, toxic/caustic chemicals. This job requires normal visual acuity, depth perception, and field of vision, hearing and speaking ability.


Submit a resume to SFSWMA
Attn: Sally Padilla, HR Officer
P.O. Box 6189
Santa Fe, NM 87502-6189
(505) 424-1850
(505) 424-1839 FAX
A copy of your HS/GED or college transcript must be
attached to each resume,
Pre-Placement physical exam and drug test are required