Ohio Recycling Facility Tests Suspicious Powder

Portage County, Ohio -- The Portage County Recycling Center discovered a suspicious powder in an envelope, which was sent to the Canton City Health Department Lab for testing today. Test results from the lab suggest the material does not appear to be anthrax. However, the Portage County Board of Commissioners decided to be cautious and close the facility until further testing could be completed. The sample is being sent to the Ohio Department of Health in Columbus, which will notify the board of the results.

According to the board of commissioners, employees have been advised to see their family physician within three days to notify them of the potential anthrax exposure. The Portage County Health Commissioner recommends a prescription of the drug Cipro or Doxy Cycline.

The Solid Waste District plans to reimburse employees for expenses associated with the physician's visit and prescription.

Regularly scheduled recycling routes for Friday, Nov. 9, and Monday, Nov. 12, have been cancelled.