L.A. City Council Mandates 70 Percent Diversion, Kick Starts Goal With New Programs

Los Angeles – The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works today announced several new programs designed to lead the city to 70 percent waste diversion. Holding fast at 60 percent, Los Angeles remains in first place for diversion rates in populous cities in California. But city council members want to see 70 percent diversion by 2020. The diversion-related programs include "Recycle for Dollars," in which residents receive cash prizes for correctly recycling. The city also will open nine permanent SAFE center locations where residents can drop off residential special materials and electronic waste for disposal and recycling.

Other programs include food recycling at restaurants, the opening of three additional bulky item drop-off centers, expanding the Blue Bin recycling program into local schools and expanding the mulching program. The department of public works also plans to use funds collected from the fees private haulers have been charging to establish recycling programs in multi-residential facilities, such as apartments, townhouses and businesses.