Hugo Neu Offers Incentive to NYC to Accept Full Bid

New York -- Hugo Neu Schnitzer East (HNSE) has changed its bid for New York City’s metal, plastic and glass from a city payment of $70 per ton to $51 per ton. The company also announced that if this new bid is accepted, HNSE will build a multi-million dollar recycling facility in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. According to the company, HNSE has been awarded a separate bid to bring back plastic recycling. Under this bid, HNSE will pay $5.10 per ton for metal and plastic but says this contract offers limited opportunity for investment or the security of a long-term recycling infrastructure, unlike the bid that would bring back the city’s entire recycling program. HNSE is working with the city to set up a timetable to resume plastic recycling.