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Herbicide Banned in Washington State

Olympia, Wash. -- Effective March 1, 2002, the state Department of Agriculture has banned the use of the clopyralid on lawns to keep the long-lasting herbicide from potentially contaminating compost.

The ban will last 120 days. After that, the department plans to make the ban permanent and will consider additional restrictions on the use of clopyralid, which kills broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover and thistles, but also has been known to flowers and vegetaion, according to farmers.

The new restrictions make products containing clopyralid "state-restricted use" pesticides when labeled for use on laws and turfs, meaning that they can be sold only to licensed dealers and bought only by licensed pesticide applicators.

Clopyralid products still may be used on golf courses if no grass clippings, leaves or other vegetation are removed from the site and sent to public composting facilities.

For more information on clopyralid, visit www.wa.gov/agr/clopyralid.htm.