EREF Awards More Than $800,000 for Waste Projects

Washington, D.C. -- The Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) has awarded $811,281 in grants for four solid waste management projects.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, received $20,000 to support its Second Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium; the University of Central Florida, Orlando, received $30,000 to investigate the fate and transformation of nitrogen in well-managed bioreactor landfills and to quantify its natural removal; GeoSyntec Consultants, Columbia, Md., received $461,281 to define the end of post-closure care at municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills; and R.D. Gibbons, Chicago, Terra-Dynamics Inc., Lewiston, N.Y., and Severn Trent Laboratories Inc., Amherst, N.Y., received $300,000 for a landfill leachate sampling and characterization study.