EPA Introduces Waste Reduction, Recycling Initiative

Washington, D.C. — At the National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC) 21st annual Congress and Expo in Austin this week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) kicked-off a campaign challenging the nation to meet or beat two goals by 2005: boost the national recycling rate from 30 percent to at least 35 percent, and curb by 50 percent the generation of 30 harmful chemicals found in hazardous wastes. To meet these goals, the EPA announced 12 projects that will test new approaches to waste minimization, energy recovery, recycling and land revitalization.

The Resource Conservation Challenge is made up of 68 projects including the Waste Minimization Partnership Program, which is designed to reduce harmful chemicals and was co-founded by Warrenville, Ill.-based International Truck and Engine Corp.

Efforts of these partnerships include establishing additional partnerships with industry, states and environmental groups, which includes providing training, tools and technology assistance for businesses, governments and citizen groups, and spreading the word through outreach and assistance.

For a recap on the 12 projects and the initiative in general, visit www.epa.gov/epaoswer/osw/conserve/index.htm or www.epa.gov/oswer/IWG.htm.