Construction Company Proposes Plan for WTC Site

New York -- Phoenix, Md.-based Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) has developed a plan that may be used to clean up the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster. The plan, delivered on Sept. 22 to the city's Department of Design and Construction, outlines a site-wide master plan.

Among other things, CDI recommends that the steel beam structures be removed first and that attention must be paid to restoring transit service in the area. With regard to the steel structures, CDI recommends that workers use liquid oxygen-propane torches to prevent the steel from welding back, which could slow operations.

CDI also asserts that maintaining the slurry wall beneath the foundation is important to keep it from collapsing and suggests implementing a slurry wall tieback system.

However, the plan will not be considered until city officials declare an end to search-and-rescue efforts in the area.