Caterpillar to Use Engine Technology to Meet Emissions Standards

Peoria, Ill. -- Caterpillar Inc. has announced that it will use Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology (ACERT) to meet Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2006 non-road emissions standards.

ACERT technology is designed to provide customers with cleaner diesel engines to power machines used in commercial and residential construction, mining, agriculture, road-building and mobile application power generation units.

The technology first will be introduced for on-road engines, primarily for on-highway trucks. Company engineers then will transfer the technology to engines in non-road applications.

The EPA's Tier 3 2006 non-road regulations were established in 1998 and become effective in 2005 for some engine manufacturers. The requirements first will phase-in non-road Tier 3 regulations on diesel engines in the 175-horsepower (hp) to 750-hp range.