Case Study Upholds HP as e-cycling Paragon

San Jose, Calif. -- The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and the Computer Take Back Campaign have published a report that is part of their efforts to influence Dell Computers to be more like its comparable, computer-manufacturer cousin, Hewlett Packard. In their case study, "Corporate Strategies for Electronic Recycling: A Tale of Two Systems," the groups charge Dell Computers with engaging in "appalling" recycling practices that use prison labor. These practices, stated David Wood, executive director of Grass Roots Recycling Network, Athens, Ga., lead to " a closed, Dickensian world of prisoners condemned to dangerous work for little pay under backward conditions."

The Computer Take Back Campaign has urged Dell to agree to use private sector recyclers and has asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not to allow prison labor. The Campaign is comprised of several groups throughout the United States.