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Artists Present Ideas for Fresh Kills

Article-Artists Present Ideas for Fresh Kills

New York -- Six finalists revealed their ideas to renovate the 3,000-acre landfill in Staten Island, N.Y. on Dec. 5, 2001, in the Municipal Arts Society's design competition, "Fresh Kills: Landfill to Landscape."

All of the designers have included a memorial for victims of the World Trade Center (WTC) attack. One finalist, Rios Associates, has proposed including a Memorial Forest, where trees would be chosen to reflect the diverse cultures of the people who died in the terrorist attacks. Rios also has proposed a 3-mile-long picnic table made from recycled laundry detergent bottles, a water park, floating gardens and an annual garbage rodeo to commemorate the park's roots.

The designers will present their ideas on Dec. 14, 2001, at the Richmond County clerk's office. A jury will select the winner, who then will implement the design.

The most contaminated sections of the landfill would not be available for public use for at least 30 years, but cleaner sections could be used as soon as 2004, according to Ellen Ryan of the Municipal Arts Society.

The landfill closed in March 2001 but was reopened in September to sort through WTC debris for remains and evidence.