Joe Quarin Becomes President and COO of IESI-BFC Ltd.

IESI-BFC Ltd. has announced that Joe Quarin has become president and chief operating officer of the company, effective immediately. Quarin, who has been with IESI-BFC since 2000 and was the company’s executive vice president, succeeds Mickey Flood as president.

Flood is now the vice chairman of IESI-BFC Ltd. and IESI Corp., the company’s U.S. subsidiary.

“This appointment is the result of a comprehensive succession planning process led by the company’s board of directors, and will help ensure a smooth transition of operational responsibilities within the organization,” according to a company statement.

“We are delighted that Joe is prepared to assume Mickey’s responsibilities as president, along with the role of chief operating officer,” said Keith Carrigan, vice chairman and CEO of IESI-BFC Ltd., in a press release. “Since the company’s inception, Joe has played an integral role in the development of the business as a member of our executive management team. The strong vision he possesses for the future of IESI-BFC combined with his focus on operations will help continue to steer our company toward further successes.”

“Mickey’s enormous dedication to our business helped transform our company into one of the largest providers of solid waste services in North America, while remaining committed to the local communities we serve,” Carrigan added. “We deeply appreciate the contributions Mickey has made as president of IESI-BFC Ltd. and as president and CEO of IESI Corp. With his unparalleled passion for the waste services industry, Mickey has served as a mentor to many in our company and as an inspiration to us all. As vice chairman of IESI-BFC, Mickey will continue to offer us the benefit of his industry knowledge and experience while assisting the company on business development and overall transition issues.”