Pennsylvania Invests in Projects That Will Use Waste to Generate Energy

The state of Pennsylvania is investing $5 million of federal funds in eight projects that will use materials such as food processing waste to generate electricity and natural gas. The funds were allocated to the state by the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

"By wisely investing our federal stimulus dollars in large-scale alternative energy projects, we are aggressively moving forward to meet our future long-term energy needs, while creating multiple short-term benefits," said Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell in a press release. "These projects will put Pennsylvanians to work now constructing long-term assets that will supply residents with a significant amount of electricity for years to come. These projects will stimulate the economy by creating jobs and attracting additional investment capital needed to bring the projects to completion.”

The eight projects will generate more than 470,000 megawatt hours of electricity over their lifetimes. That is enough energy to power more than 47,000 average homes in Pennsylvania for one year. The projects will also generate the equivalent of 3,183 million cubic feet of natural gas — enough to heat more than 37,000 average homes that use about 85,000 cubic feet of gas per year. The projects will also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by 237,000 tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of taking more than 41,000 passenger vehicles off the roads.