Pennsylvania DEP Moves To Remove 400,000 Abandoned Tires

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced it will oversee the clean up of approximately 400,000 abandoned tires in Lancaster and Beaver counties. The department is accepting bids for removal services.

The Lancaster County clean-up site consists of about 350,000 tires in Fulton Township, while the Beaver County site features roughly 50,000 tires in Rochester Township.

Abandoned tire piles can threaten the health of the surrounding community by becoming mosquito breeding sites and because of the fire hazard they pose, according to DEP. “Cleaning up these sites, which have been long-standing nuisances, is of great interest to the state,” said Michael Krancer, the secretary of DEP, in a statement. “These sites have been the subject of frequent complaints, and we’re taking action.”

Those interested in submitting a bid to remove the tires should visit the Pennsylvania eMarketplace portal and click on “Solicitations.”


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