Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell Signs E-Waste Bill Into Law

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has signed a bill mandating that electronics manufacturers fund and manage e-waste recycling programs in the state. The law also bans electronics from Pennsylvania landfills and requires retailers to provide customers with information about recycling the devices they purchase.

The Covered Device Recycling Act (HB 708) requires electronics manufacturers operating in the commonwealth to register with the Department of Environmental Protection of the Commonwealth and to pay a $5,000 annual registration fee, according to Campaign for Recycling, a Sacramento, Calif.-based nonprofit. Manufacturers also are responsible for collecting, transporting and recycling the devices they produce, with television and computer manufacturers being the primary focus of the law.

“The disposal of these electronic devices is potentially hazardous to the environment and while some manufacturers and communities have taken steps to address the disposal problem, there was no statewide solution until now,” said Rep. Chris Ross, sponsor of HB 708, in a press release. “This legislation will make recycling e-waste much more convenient for residents and small businesses, while allowing manufacturers the opportunity to develop recycling systems that are cost effective.”