Pilot Program Permits Landfills to Accept Oil and Natural Gas Waste

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is conducting a pilot program that allows three Type I landfills to accept exploration and production (E&P) waste. In Louisiana, Type I landfills are those designed to accept industrial waste. E&P waste is “waste that is produced during oil and natural gas exploration and production. It includes drilling mud and waste derived from cleaning up oil spills,” according to a DEQ press release.

“We initiated this project because it makes sense when it comes to protecting the environment,” said Cheryl Nolan, DEQ assistant secretary, in a press release. “There have always been Type I landfills in the state that meet the environmental regulations needed to accept industrial solid waste. However, prior to the pilot program, none were approved by DEQ to accept E&P waste. With the growth of oil and gas production throughout Louisiana, this pilot program gives industry an opportunity to dispose of E&P waste in an environmentally sound manner, while providing a good economic option for disposal.”