Plans To Expand Landfill Considered

East County, Texas -- The Security Recycling and Disposal Facility landfill, owned and operated by Houston-based Waste Management Inc., has proposed a plan to fill in the gap between the site’s two main waste areas and lengthen its remaining life to 29 years. The expansion permit is still being reviewed by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), but if approved, it would increase the landfill’s capacity from 9.2 million cubic yards to 27.1 million cubic yards.

The expansion has raised questions about whether a proposed new landfill for construction and demolition (C&D) debris is necessary in the area. The Security Recycling and Disposal Facility accepts both municipal solid waste and C&D debris mainly from Montgomery County, but area officials and some residents are in dispute about how much the expansion could alleviate the need for the second landfill.

A public hearing is scheduled for Monday night at Conroe Tower. For details, contact the TCEQ at (512) 239-1000.