Goodyear Seeks Highway Heroes

Akron, Ohio -- Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. is seeking unsung heroes in the truck industry who have helped rescue fellow motorists. "Too many times, we hear about the negative aspects of trucking, such as driver shortage," says Steve McClellan, vice president of commercial tire systems. "Too little is written about drivers whose ability makes our highways safer and keeps our commerce moving."

To that end, the company's Highway Hero program will honor driver who have risked their safety to help other motorists. To be considered for the award, nominees must: be a full time truck driver; be a resident of the United States or Canada; been on the job or on the way to or from work and in his or her truck at the time of the incident; the incident must have taken place between Nov. 16, 2003 and Nov. 15, 2004. Nominations will be accepted through Nov. 30, 2004.

For more information, call (330) 796-8183 or visit