Schwarzenneger Signs E-Scrap Bills, Vetoes Tire Recycling Bill

Sacramento, Calif. -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger has signed the first cell phone recycling law in the country, requiring cell phone retailers to take back phones from customers for recycling for free starting in July 1, 2006.

Schwarzenneger also signed Senate Bill 50, which sets the startup date for the state's advanced recycling fee on televisions and computer monitors until January.

Also, the governor vetoed AB 338, which would have required Caltrans to increase its use of rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC),which is made from scrap tires. Environmentalists say that the rule would have had the potential to increase the number of tires recycled in the state by 3 million to 5 million or more annually. The state generates more than 33 million waste tires per year, according to Californians Against Waste.