Converted Organics to Expand Plant Capacity by 75 Percent

Boston-based Converted Organics says the processing capacity of its Woodbridge, N.J., composting plant will increase by 75 percent by the end of March. The plant processes food waste into organic fertilizer.

The plant currently processes about 100 tons of food waste per week. By the end of March, the facility will process about 175 tons per week, according to Converted Organics.

“Converted Organics is constantly examining ways to maximize production of our organic fertilizers to meet market demand, and the installation of new manufacturing equipment is an important step towards meeting that goal,” said Robert Bayliss, vice president of manufacturing for Converted Organics, in a press release. “Our outstanding network of leading hauling partners, including Waste Management of New Jersey, IESI Corp., Premier Food Waste Recycling and Filco Carting Corp., provides an ongoing and reliable supply of high-quality food waste, which enables Converted Organics to focus on enhancing product through-put and production.”