Veolia commissions landfill gas project in Alabama

Veolia Environmental Services (VES) has announced that it will use methane from its Star Ridge Landfill in Moody, Ala. to power nearby brick kilns owned by Jenkins Brick. According to a press release, landfill gas will initially provide 45 percent of Jenkins Brick’s energy demands, but is expected to eventually provide 80-90 percent of the facility’s energy needs as more gas is collected from the landfill.

“Being able to turn methane gas from the landfill, which is currently being burned or flared off, into a viable energy source is beneficial not only for industry, but for the environment as well,” said Scott Corley, VES area manager for Alabama, in the press release.

VES invested approximately $280,000 to retrofit its gas system for the Jenkins Brick project, which was initiated in July 2004.

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