Seattle issues warnings, fines to violators of new recycling law

This year, the city of Seattle will begin enforcing a new law that requires businesses and residents to recycle paper and cardboard materials. According to an article in The Seattle Times, inspectors will begin issuing warnings to businesses and condo and apartment buildings if more than 10 percent of their disposed materials are recyclable. After three warnings, they will be subject to a $50 fine. Although single-family homes will not be subject to the fines, their garbage may not be picked up for one week if they do not comply with the law. Residents also will be required to place items such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles into recycling bins.

The law was instituted in 2005 to increase the city’s recycling rate, which currently resides below 40 percent. According to the paper, Seattle hopes to reach a recycling rate of 60 percent by 2010, an effort that could save the city $2 million a year.