San Francisco School Buses to Run on Restaurant Grease

Blue Sky Bio-fuels, Oakland, Calif., has partnered with San Francisco’s Greasecycle program to convert waste grease from local restaurants into biodiesel for area school buses. The program was launched in November. Michael’s Transportation, Valllejo, Calif., will receive the biodiesel for use in its fleet of 80 school buses, which services numerous school districts around the bay area.

"Our goal is to help California reduce its carbon footprint and become less dependent on foreign oil," said Patrick MacIntyre, president of Blue Sky Bio-fuels, in a press release. "Our solution is a triple-win proposition where cities have their waste grease turned into a renewable fuel for our youth to breathe cleaner air. We take a product, waste grease, that has been typically reconstituted for animal feed, makeup or shipped to Asia for heating oil and turn it into a cleaner burning fuel at a price that is competitive with diesel."

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