Ohio officials propose halt on landfill expansions

Concern over groundwater pollution has caused two Ohio state legislators to propose a stop to new and expanded landfills in 13 counties. According to an article published in the Akron Beacon Journal, state Sen. J. Kirk Schuring and state Rep. W. Scott Oelslager’s proposed moratorium would apply to new or expanding solid waste landfill proposals that were not submitted to the state Environmental Protection Agency by early last month. The Schuring-Oelslager legislation will also apply to landfills that accept construction and demolition debris.

The U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Va., plans to conduct a study of aquifers and surface water to determine if the landfills have caused the groundwater pollution, the paper says. Interest from tipping fees will fund the initial $374,000 cost for the study, which could take up to five years to complete. In addition, another $1,455,000 may be needed to complete the study, the paper reports.