NYC Proposes Increased Rate Cap

The New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) has proposed a rate cap increase that would allow haulers of commercial waste to charge $15.89 per cubic yard or $10.42 per 100 pounds, up from $12.20 per cubic yard or $8.00 per 100 pounds.

“Increasing the rate cap, but not removing it entirely, is the best solution for ensuring that private carters can make a reasonable rate of return and that the organized crime cartel doesn’t reemerge in the waste industry,” said Michael Mansfield, commissioner of the BIC, in a press release. “The rate cap hasn’t changed since 1997, and the available data shows that the rate cap needs to be adapted to the current economic conditions.”

Along with the rate increase, the BIC also is proposing increased regulatory enforcement efforts, and reporting and disclosure requirements for haulers.