NSWMA Launches Image Campaign

The Washington-based National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) launched its “Environmentalists. Every Day: America’s Solid Waste Industry” campaign, a national program aimed at local governments, public officials and media to increase their awareness of the solid waste industry’s importance.

“In every community, the men and women of America’s solid waste industry play an increasingly important role in solving some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges, protecting the environment and public health by efficiently and reliably removing and managing the nation’s trash,” said Bruce Parker, president and CEO of NSWMA, in a press release. “Our new program will help the people who work in our industry tell their customers, neighbors and friends about the contributions they make to their communities and the nation.”

The campaign includes a Web site, www.environmentalistseveryday.org, a comprehensive toolkit for NSWMA members to carry out their own awareness programs and plans for training to help members to get their programs running.