Best Buy Tests E-waste Program

Best Buy, Minneapolis, Minn., has launched a test recycling program at 117 of its U.S. stores where customers can drop off old electronics for free. Items that will not be accepted include televisions or monitors larger than 32 inches, console televisions, microwaves, air conditioners and appliances. Customers also will only be allowed to drop off a maximum of two items each day.

“We salute Best Buy for taking the initiative to offer free electronics take-backs at a number of its stores,” said Conrad MacKerron, director of corporate social responsibility for As You Sow, in a press release. As You Sow is an investor corporate accountability group involved with Best Buy’s recycling efforts. “Making electronics recycling almost as easy as purchasing these goods has the potential to simplify recycling for millions of consumers who may be confused about where to return end-of-life goods in their area.”

Best Buy will continue to offer free recycling at every store for old cell phones, ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, CDs, DVDs and smart phones. It also offers pick up and hauling services for televisions and appliances for a charge.