Allied Waste Opens Two Landfill GTE Facilities in Virginia

Phoenix-based Allied Waste has announced the opening of two landfill gas-to-energy facilities in Virginia. The Brunswick County Landfill in Lawrenceville, Va., and the King & Queen County Landfill in Little Plymouth, Va., will generate enough electricity to power a combined 12,500 local homes. Richmond, Va.-based Ingenco developed both projects, and owns and operates the Lawrenceville facility.

"We are pleased to partner with Ingenco in two new Virginia gas-to-energy facilities," said Donald Slager, president and chief operating officer of Allied Waste, in a press release. "Allied Waste's current portfolio of more than 50 gas-to-energy facilities is performing well, and we are looking forward to bringing online several additional alternative-energy projects that are in various stages of approval and development.”