New name, new look… an even better experience for you

New name, new look…
an even better experience for you.

We are happy to announce the venerable Waste Age name has been retired as we fully embrace Waste360 as our identity across all of our publications. This aligns more with the 360 experience you’ll have with us in print and online.

You'll see the results of this fresh new look and name change in the June issue.

What you'll find in the new pages goes beyond simple layout changes and tweaks. What we've done is transformed this print vehicle to be more than a monthly magazine. It is part of Penton's Waste Industry Group's surround sound experience for our audiences where we bring you relevant content in print and on a daily basis in digital form.

Look inside to see:

  • More emphasis on fiscal takeaways and value propositions to help you make money, save money and stay safe and compliant
  • Expanded feature stories to give you deeper insights and a better reading experience
  • Fresh reporting and context on at least two big news stories each month, building off initial breaking news on
  • Stories and news that work in concert with all that’s on to help you catch up on what you may have missed online or in our timely eNewsletters
  • A fully integrated business tool that complements the instant gratification and timeliness of This magazine will be tied closely to all that’s happening digitally in our eNewsletters and on—giving you the real 360o business view you need in our industry.
  • An even more expanded focus on organics and composting content
  • A lively new look that’s easy on the eyes and that takes the best practices and functionality of our favorite consumer pubs without losing our sharp business focus.

We do all that we do to help you steer your course to sustainable materials management and Waste360 magazine is part of that mission. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback.