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Trade Group Urges U.K. Government to Deliver “Coherent” Waste and Recycling Strategy

Trade Group Urges U.K. Government to Deliver “Coherent” Waste and Recycling Strategy

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) trade group has issued a new report calling on the United Kingdom government to address stagnating recycling rates, waste crime, and limited end markets for recycled products.

It also calls for stronger tax incentives to encourage the use of recycled materials, greater harmonization of collection systems and more ambitious green procurement rules.

Business Green has the details:

The report calls for a focus on four key areas: developing more resilient recovery markets for waste-derived products; improving waste collection systems and infrastructure; creating a new framework for producer responsibility to transfer resource ownership from councils to product supply chains; and tackling waste crime.

"We believe that by implementing these policies, the government will enable us to create a system which is resilient, builds UK competitiveness and makes the UK a world leader in environmentally and economically sustainable waste and resources management," the report states.

According to the ESA, the waste and recycling sector has a "vital" role to play in the move towards a circular economy, which it is estimated could lead to the creation of 200,000 net jobs by 2030.

Read the full story here.

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