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Retired Soccer Player Roger Milla Starts Plastic Waste Program

Retired Soccer Player Roger Milla Starts Plastic Waste Program

Retired soccer player Roger Milla has started a plastic waste program in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde to help employ youth and reduce the large amounts of plastic waste that block drains and gulleys, which results in flooding.

With Coeur d’Afrique, Milla hires youths to remove the plastic waste from the waterways. This recovered plastic is then sent to Hysacam to be recycled and turned into concrete slabs. To date, 750 youths have been hired and Milla’s goal is to employee up to 2,500 youths by 2017.

PlasticsNews has more details on this program:

He is better known for scoring four goals in the 1990 World Cup — and, at the age of 42, being the oldest goal scorer in World Cup history after his goal against Russia in 1994 — but today, in his native Cameroon, Roger Milla is now known as a champion of the nation’s poor children.

Cameroon’s capital Yaounde is prone to flooding, partly because of increased rainfall, but also because of the large amount of plastic waste blocking drains and gulleys. Milla’s Coeur d’Afrique (Heart of Africa) organization is paying unemployed youths to remove the plastic litter from the waterways.

Read the full story here.

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