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N.J. City Halts Plan to Build Recycling Center

N.J. City Halts Plan to Build Recycling Center

Ringwood, N.J., officials have suspended plans to build a recycling center at a Ford Motor Co. Superfund site until federal regulators complete an investigation of another dangerous chemical found there recently. has more:

The Environmental Protection Agency last year allowed the borough and Ford to move ahead with plans to build the center and a barrier placed over the site, even though the agency had originally required the pollution to be removed.

Proposed by the borough and paid for by Ford, the recycling center at the O'Connor Disposal Area and the barrier have been estimated to cost $6.9 million - $25.7 million less than it would cost to excavate the contamination.

The move upset many nearby residents who say the pollution has made them sick and caused premature death.

Read the full story here.

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