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Napa, Calif., Preparing $11M Bond Offering to Upgrade Waste Facilities

Napa, Calif., will prepare for a possible $11 million bond issue to upgrade its materials diversion facility. Roughly $7 million of the funding would pay to upgrade the city’s composting facility.

The Napa Valley Register has more:

Construction at the recycling center on Levitin Way south of Napa would begin in the late summer or early fall and last six to eight months, according to Kevin Miller, who oversees city recycling programs.

The City Council on Tuesday approved preparations for the bond issue, which is slated for a council vote Aug. 2 and a start of sales eight days later. The bonds would mature in 2036, with Napa paying about $810,000 in annual debt service.

The cost of these upgrades will be figured into future rate increases for customers of Napa Recycling & Waste Services, the city said.

Read the full story here.


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