The Mob is Illegally Disposing of Contaminated Waste in N.J.

The Mob is Illegally Disposing of Contaminated Waste in N.J.

The State Commission of Investigation (SCI) in N.J. is looking into claims that members of an organized crime group are making money by illegally disposing of contaminated waste near waterways and homes.

The SCI has been tracking organized crime and public corruption since the 1960s. In 2011, a report revealed that convicted felons who had been banned from waste disposal in New York had been able to operate in the state of New Jersey undetected thanks to the state’s law regulations. has more details:

New Jersey's recycling industry remains tainted by organized crime elements making big money by illegally dumping contaminated material near waterways and homes, state investigators claim.

The State Commission of Investigation is now probing how sections of the waste disposal profession "have been subverted into an underground economy that profits from the improper disposal of contaminated soil and construction debris," according to Kathy Hennessy Riley, a commission spokeswoman.

On Wednesday, the commission will hold a hearing as part of its investigation into weaknesses in New Jersey's regulation of the recycling industry that have allowed criminals to thrive.

Read the full story here.

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