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The crew of the Recycled Mississippi expedition wave from their craft

Mississippi River Rafters Spread Recycling Message

A catamaran built with reclaimed wood from old docks and more than 800 plastic bottles is sailing down the Mississippi River. It’s the project of three environmental activists who are attempting to raise awareness on recycling.

The Southeast Missourian has the details:

The team is led by Dan Cullum, who has been leading "recycled expeditions" on kayaks made from plastic bottles in New Zealand for the past three years. He is joined on his 19,000-mile journey by Gary Bencheghib, an environmental documentarian; Livio Knori, the captain of the vessel; Hannes Stauffer, who is responsible for the framework and mechanics of the ioco; and adventurers Sebastian Engelhart and Zander Hartung.

The expedition, called Recycled Mississippi, is meant to inspire others to consider how all waterways can be protected. The boat, Cullum said, is a metaphor for how something considered single-use can be transformed into something greater, to be used again and again.

Along with the goal of spreading an environmentally conscious message from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico, the crew is working on a 40-minute documentary so the movement can reach beyond.

"The overall message is how can we take waste, especially single-use plastics, and give them a second life through proper recycling," Cullum said. "To inspire to think about how do we can produce and consume in a more sustainable way.

Read the full story here.


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