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Mich. Landfills are Filling Up Quickly, Causing Kent County to Scramble

Mich. Landfills are Filling Up Quickly, Causing Kent County to Scramble

In Kent County, Mich., public works officials have stated that the county is running out of room in its landfills, which handle roughly 1.8 million cubic yards annually.

In 2015, the county conducted the Michigan Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Evaluation Project, which revealed that approximately 75 percent of waste dumped in the Kent County landfill could have been reduced, reused or recycled.

Currently, the Kent County landfill is on track to run out of room within 10 years.

Fox 17 News breaks down the landfill issue:

Public works officials in Kent County say we're running out of room in our landfills. Kent County has over 600,000 residents generating nearly 1.8 million cubic yards of trash each year according to Darwin Baas, Director of the Department of Public Works. It’s a growing rate of garbage he says can’t be sustained for long.

“It’s seasonal, but we usually see a couple hundred trucks a day and the waste is anything from residential food waste, construction debris,” said Baas. “It’s material that we have to do a better job sorting out before it ever comes here.”

Read the full story here.

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