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Massachusetts Residents Sick over Recycling Center Odor

Massachusetts Residents Sick over Recycling Center Odor

A-Plus Waste and Recycling, a Middleboro, Mass., recycling center, is producing a strong odor that is making residents sick.

In 2012, the center started accepting organic material for composting, and now local residents are dealing with a smell most likely caused from these materials.

Recently, the state removed one of the center’s key permits in an effort to fix the issue, but the problem has not been resolved.

CBS has more details:

People in Middleboro say a nearby recycling center smells so bad they’re getting sick in their own yards.

So many people complained about the stench from A-Plus Waste and Recycling the state actually pulled one of the center’s key permits a few months ago.

The problem isn’t getting better. So now, the town’s getting involved.

For years, it was a brickyard. But in 2008, new owners turned the property into a recycling enter. In 2012, they started taking in organic material for composting. Then came the stench.

Read the full story here.

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